Tasks and Responsibilities

The Vice President for Administrative Affairs Office assumes the responsibility of logistics at the university, reporting directly to the president and providing, following-up and supervising administrative mandates. The responsibilities also include following-up with university affairs: personnel administration, buildings and issues related to development and maintenance.

The Administrative Vice President is responsible for:

  • Providing advice to the president on policies, laws, regulations, instructions and decisions to expand the university’s administrative activities
  • Establishing comprehensive plans to manage departments' affairs of which he oversees and following up with relationships with other departments and units
  • Preparing proper plans and programmes for continuous professional development of the departments' staff in line with modern administrative guidance
  • Participating in permanent and temporary councils and committees provided by law inside or outside university campus
  • Representing the university at conferences and seminars by the powers vested in him
  • Reporting to the University President regarding the departments’ affairs and problems to provide possible suggestions and solutions
  • Doing other tasks assigned to him
  • Replacing the Acting President when absent; a duty assigned by the University President and the Board of Trustees