An-Najah Students Obtain Aljazeera Short Film Award 2015

The short film "To my mother" directed and produced by An-Najah ‎media graduates; Yaser Joudallah and Ahmed Bazz has won the ‎Aljazeera International Documentary Film Award 2015 for the short film ‎category.

The award was given at the 11th Aljazeera International Documentary ‎Film Festival held in Doha in ‎the period 26th-29th November, 2015.

The film was the graduation project for both Joudallah and Bazz and ‎embodied Joudallah’s life ‎since childhood. The film presented his ‎family’s situation during the first and the second Intifada ‎when his ‎mother and brother were shot by the Israelis.

The competition included 50 countries worldwide presenting 147 films ‎where the short films ‎category included 47 ones.