Two Students from An-Najah Publish a Research Paper in the European Spine Journal

Students Yahya Al-Hanbali and Luay Aker, graduates of the Human Medicine Programme at An-Najah’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, produced a research paper titled: “Growth modulation and remodeling by means of posterior tethering technique for correction of early-onset scoliosis with thoracolumbar kyphosis”.

The research was published by the European Spine Journal, a publication devoted to spine surgery and all related disciplines, including functional and surgical anatomy of the spine, biomechanics and pathophysiology, diagnostic procedures and neurology.

Both students received assistance from their colleague Aysha Sbeih and were supervised by Dr. Alaa’ Azmi, Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon Consultant at An-Najah National University Hospital and Associate Professor at An-Najah’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and Dr. Zaher Nazzal, Director of the An-Najah Child Institute.

The research started in summer 2014 and took two years of hard work.

The students were inspired with the research idea when Dr. Azmi added a new modification to a surgery for patients who suffer scoliosis disease. This process is called the Hybrid Rib Construct.

The research students worked on following up with 13 patients who underwent this surgery.

The project is the first of its kind in Palestine. It was published by a prominent international journal and was discussed in SICOT conference in Rome.

The research was published on December 9th, 2016 after being evaluated by a committee of prominent orthopedic surgeons.